Possible Risks And Dangers Of Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

Although rhinoplasty is a very common surgery, there are still risks that should be considered when considering having this procedure. The dangers of rhinoplasty, such as permanent nerve damage after surgery, are few, but like any invasive procedure, it will always pose potential problems. Fortunately, most nose surgeries do not have any problems, but patients should educate themselves about the possible risks of the operation and speak with a surgeon before proceeding with the surgery.

Risks Associated With Rhinoplasty Surgery

There are risks associated with any surgery, such as excessive blood loss, infection, adverse reaction to anaesthesia, and bruising (when blood collects under the skin, bruises must be removed surgically).

The specific dangers of rhinoplasty/nose surgery include numbness, nosebleeds, scars at the base of the nose (this can occur with an “open rhinoplasty”), breakage of small blood vessels on the surface of the skin, inflammation, permanent nerve damage after rhinoplasty, or exaggerated or inferior correction requiring secondary / revision rhinoplasty.

Before nose surgery, you will consult with your doctor about possible risks, and the doctor will also answer any questions or concerns you may have. Following your surgeon’s instructions for care before and after nose surgery will help prevent almost any problem and greatly reduce risk factors.

Immediately after nose surgery, patients may feel discouraged with the results of the procedure. As there can be considerable swelling, the initial effects of rhinoplasty may not be seen for several weeks, and the final result may not be achieved for many months. However, as the nose heals and the inflammation subsides, most patients feel that rhinoplasty has met its goals. Patience, a complete understanding of the procedure, and a long rhinoplasty recovery time are important both for the success of the surgery and for the satisfaction of the patient. After all the recovery time has passed, the patient will be able to better see the results of their long-awaited nose surgery, and they will most likely have no problems and are very satisfied with their new appearance.