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Cosmetic Surgery: Can A Rhinoplasty Look Bad?

It is one of the most demanded aesthetic medicine interventions in our country. But, sometimes, the expected results are not obtained. That is when you have to resort to secondary rhinoplasty, which tries to correct the results of a first intervention. We have wondered what can go wrong with cosmetic nose surgery, and the experts have given us the keys. Secondary rhinoplasty is necessary when optimal results have not been achieved with a first intervention, either from an aesthetic or functional point of view.

Goal: Perfect Results

The role of the doctor is fundamental, as highlighted by the nose jobs experts. “The important thing is to go to a professional expert specifically in rhinoplasty, both functional and aesthetic. The plastic surgeon is the one who is best prepared to perform both corrections simultaneously, and the expert has to make a good diagnosis of the shape and function of the nose and a good surgical indication.

You have to study the proportions of the nose in the rest of the face, and you have to look for a harmonious nose with a personality and that softens the features without falling into the error of making noses à la carte.

One Of The Most Demanded Interventions

We are, as we said, before an intervention that, year after year, continues to occupy the first places in the list of aesthetic medicine interventions most demanded. What are the reasons? “It is very common, given our cross ancestry of several races, that the nasal pyramid deviates, we have a bridge, the tip dropped, or the function (that is, breathing) is not the most appropriate”.

The nose is the geographic centre of the face and where the eye is first directed when looking at a face. In addition, it constitutes one of the most characteristic facial features of each individual, and that causes the most complexities in the population. In general, they request to correct very obvious aesthetic defects of their nasal pyramid (such as a very marked hump, a very wide nose, a deviation of the nasal axis, a broad or drooping tip, a tip with little projection, large fins …). On many occasions, they also request an improvement in breathing.

In addition, we are, of that, there is no doubt, before an intervention that goes beyond the aesthetic component, and we wonder if this is done by a different intervention. In addition, in the same surgical act, a deviation of the nasal septum or a turbinate problem can be treated, which improves breathing (and what this means: improved sleep, sports activity, daily life).…